Don’t you know who I am

The History of Arrogance

“Turunen constructs a historical puzzle of anecdotes around the theme as in his previous books. 
Arrogance turns out to be a fruitful starting point since there are examples from an era to another. Turunen does not fall in arrogance as a non-fiction writer. From behind the entertaining and recognizing story telling one can find 101-point table of references which requires humble and hard work. It is now or never when reader can have an opportunity to learn honestly from the mistakes of history.”

(Tiede – biggest science magazine in Finland)

“Writer seems to be cocky when he presents his book as “a best book you will ever read”. But when the sentence belongs to the book on history of arrogance this is comprehended. Turunen tells in a captivating way throughout the history how the rulers have been corrupted by the arrogance which is related to priggery, dismissing others and too many suppositions of being somebody.”

(Library of Parliament)

“It is obvious that the combination of arrogance and over-confident causes eventually destruction, as it has done throughout centuries. Turunen writes agilely, and suitably heighten his point. Interpretations are direct, but then again the book does not appear as academic historical research. The book is a firework of examples and anecdotes.”

(Suomen Kuvalehti – the biggest weekly news magazine in Finland)