Don’t you now who I am?

The History of Arrogance


This is probably the best book which you will probably read… We humans have always had too big thoughts about ourselves. Ari Turunen leads in his new hilarious book to the source of arrogance. What else is the reason for the biggest catastrophes from climate change to economical crises as the endless self-satisfaction of the leaders. In the 1930s in Soviet Union it was planned that the currents of rivers in Siberia should be turned into the reverse direction. The CEO of Enron believed that the greed was the best means for motivation – with the known results. Or what can we learn about the modesty of the Philip II, king of Spain? He died in the front of the fi re place since court staff could not fi nd the right offi cer whose offi cial task was to move king’s armchair. Don’t you know who I am is worth of browsing when the hybris comes to your head. In the book’s last chapter the success stories are revealed. The basis of the many success stories in business and in life was created by the opposite of the hybris: with self-criticism and self-irony.

The rights of the book has been sold to 9 languages.

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